A data cataloging utility built on top of intake, pandas, and xarray, and it’s pretty awesome!

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Computer simulations of the Earth’s climate and weather generate huge amounts of data. These data are often persisted on HPC systems or in the cloud across multiple data assets of a variety of formats (netCDF, zarr, etc…). Finding, investigating, loading these data assets into compute-ready data containers costs time and effort. The data user needs to know what data sets are available, the attributes describing each data set, before loading a specific data set and analyzing it.

Finding, investigating, loading these assets into data array containers such as xarray can be a daunting task due to the large number of files a user may be interested in. Intake-esm aims to address these issues by providing necessary functionality for searching, discovering, data access/loading.

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  • If you encounter any errors or problems with intake-esm, please open an issue at the GitHub main repository.

  • If you have a question like “How do I find x?”, ask on GitHub discussions. Please include a self-contained reproducible example if possible.